Reflection On a Rainy August Morning


As I set here on a rainy August morning, I contemplate what a wonder our God has performed for us again today. He has kept us from unseen dangers, as we slept; He has sent a very lightly falling rain to nourish the land and has banished the dog days of August, if only for a little while. What a blessing that is. May we consider the beauty of the passage of scripture that says “As long as the earth remains, there will be springtime and harvest, cold and heat, winter and summer, day and night. Gen8:22. I think that as the little children, some our grandchildren, prepare for those first days of school, they are a little scared and very excited about going into the unknown, they are in their springtime, and we who are in the harvest time need to be expecting what we have labored for, the bounty of all the seed we have planted.


Some seeds unfortunately are coming in as weeds which we need to eliminate lest it spoil the whole crop, but a time of prayer will rid us of that, as we confess the need to be more loving toward our fellow man and less concerned about our personal needs. Confession has always refreshed the soul. Time in the secret place with the Master always brings rest and reward. Harvest is a wonderful season, the colors are radiant the leaves are amber, red, yellow and brown, and the pumpkins are ripe in the field. Do we anticipate that the harvest will end and winter will soon be upon us? We must remember all the seasons of our life are ordained of God and the time frame of those seasons is especially in tune with our needs. If we concentrate on living in the moment, taking one day at a time, instead of looking forward and missing the now, we will find our days are fulfilled with awesome little experiences and also some really big ones. The butterfly that just happens to flutter by or the humming bird gathering nectar as she prepares to build her strength for the long flight ahead of her. If we are to busy, we fail to experience all the wonder around us. 


When we see the flowers still sending up the last blooms of summer, trying to make as much seed as they can, to drop on the ground, to be sure that their offspring will be blooming next spring, do we miss the message that  their will be a springtime following the winter. The flowers and birds and all of nature know this. Do we hunker down in defeat or do we stop to realize that our steps are ordered of the Lord and nothing can interfere with them because our God has control of all that happens to us, whether good or bad.  He has made a path for us to walk in, as we follow his lead. Our age has nothing to do with what God has called us to be a part of. The mission we are about now, is exactly what He had in mind, when He created us. His timing is perfect, and the call He has placed on each of us, is for an appointed time and season. We can arise to the call, or think of ourselves as having been used up, left behind, and let life just pass us by, never fulfilling some of the best years of our lives. There is joy and satisfaction still to be experienced in our harvest season, and seeing the plentiful gathering in of our precious seed, sown through the years, coming to full maturity is a wonder to behold.


The beauty of our “ now season” is that the pressure of the past seasons has been replaced with the ability to stop and smell the flowers, especially the sunflowers that are so abundantly blooming in my yard right now, planted by the birds that grace my gardens. And the rain, the soft gentle rain that is watering my gardens today is a gift from my provider, that reminds me that there is  seedtime and harvest , cold and heat, summer and winter, day and night , and these shall remain as long as the earth remains. What more can I ask from my Master, Savior and Lord.