Who me? Who are you to tell me that you have something you want me to do? Can’t you see that I am old, raised my family, my husband is gone, and now I just want to rest, wait out my days, in peace and quiet. Who did you say you are? Oh! You said you were GOD? Well, I go to church, pay my tithe; serve on a committee or two, what more do you want anyway. Oh! You say you want more? Now look here, I used to sing in the choir and serve dinners, and teach Sunday School, I’ve served you, and now I am just tired. Can’t you just leave me alone, oh I don’t mean really leave me alone, I mean just kind of be there when I want you to be and let me relax the rest of the time. You want to talk to me, are you sure you have the right person? Well, it really isn’t convenient now, could you come back later. My TV show is about to start and I never miss it, your God, you should know that. You’re really serious about this? Well, I guess I can miss one program, if this is important.


You say that since before the worlds were formed you knew me and counted my days. You formed me in my mother’s womb. You gave me certain things to do in my younger years and I did a real good job fulfilling what you asked me to do. Well, thank you God, I really appreciate the compliment, I guess that is like when you said,” well done though good and faithful servant” is that right? Wow, I really wanted to know that I did OK, even when the kids messed up a few times and even now that one that doesn’t go to church, but I trained them up in the way they should go and now it is up to you to do your thing.


So why are you bothering me now, I am old and tired and really just want to sit at the back of the church the rest of my days. You say you have placed a call on my life? For me…. at this time of my life? Oh, come on, really, and what could you want this old soul to do for you now. I’ve put in my time at the nursery at church. Let the younger ones do it. You say you want me to go into the market places and by-ways and speak of what you have done for me, to begin to serve and tell others of my Savior. Well… I guess I could do that, if you show me how……you want me to pray and find out what you have for me to do, to serve you NOW.


You have placed a new call on my life and you want me to enter into it. Well…. I don’t have any schooling or anything; you know I only went to high school. You still have a call for me to fulfill, the very purpose for my being here? Oh God, that is scary, how can I prepare myself for all this? How can I find out what you want? Who can help me to explore what you want me to do? What will people think? I don’t know God, are you sure you really have something more for me to do? I thought my productive days for you were over, and now you say the most exciting years of my life are ahead of me.


You say that you are raising up older women to serve you in ways that they never imagined, in ways that the younger women can not enter into because they are still serving families and other responsibilities. You say I am now free to serve You with all my heart and You are waiting for me to enter this new season of my life. And God said….. there is a new organization that can help you find your way, it is called the Naomi Society. They meet in homes, and support each other in their quest for the new dreams that I have given them. They are a wonderful network of women just like you. Why don’t you give them a call?