that are true about YOU


You are someone - very special. You really are. No one else in this entire world is exactly like you, and there are so many beautiful things about you...


You're a one-of-a-kind treasure, uniquely here in this space and time. You are here to shine in your own wonderful way, sharing your smile in the best way you can, and remembering all the while that a little light somewhere makes a brighter light everywhere. You can - and you do - make a wonderful contribution to this world.


You have qualities within you that many people would love to have, and those who really and truly know you...are so glad that they do. You have a big heart and a good and sensitive soul. You are gifted with thoughts and ways of seeing things that only special people know. You know that life doesn't always play by the rules, but that in the long run, everything will work out.


You understand that you and your actions are capable of turning anything around - and that joys once lost can always be found. There is a resolve and an inner reserve of strength in you that few ever get to see. You have so many treasures within - those you're only beginning to discover, and all the ones you're aware of.


Never forget what a treasure you are. That special person in the mirror may not always get to hear all the compliments you so sweetly deserve,

but you are so worthy of such an abundance of friendship, joy, laughter, and love.

- unknown